Eddie Tapia


Eddie Tapia, (Born; December 19, 2001) is a Latino Pop Singer/songwriter from Washington state.  He was raised in a Small town called Bridgeport,WA. Eddie grew up with 3 women (his sisters) and a single mother. He’s slightly shy in the beginning, but once you get to know him, he becomes a social butterfly. 

Growing up, School was rough because he was bullied for his skin color and being overweight. Fast forward to high school, he took charge by hitting the gym and learning how to cook his own healthy meals. At the age of 16, he picked up the guitar and trained his vocals to try to impress his girl crush.  During the process, He fell in love with music and found his true passion. 

Whilst still in high school, he posted song covers on Instagram and booked his own gigs with the assistants of his sister and was discovered by a record company called ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP and got signed in 2022.

Official Manager : Miss Angela Richardson

Official Road Manager: Christopher Wills

For booking or other information contact: Miss Angela Richardson @ ngl.richardson@gmail.com