Super Maven Angela Richardson - CEO

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Life is what you make it.

If you fall get back up and keep on until you overcome it, Super music maven Angela Richardson has been tugging her weight in the music industry for over 18 years now. Angela is a certified double platinum songwriter, Hit Maker Producer along with being a Industry tied A&R that specializes in Artist Development for new upcoming talent.

To be exact since 2002 when she birthed her own music label (Tha Nod Factor Records & Film LLC.) in St. Louis Missouri. Growing up with the love of music, passion to succeed, along with the tenaciousness of a category 5 hurricane she would not lose. Looking up to female mavens like Amina Diop, Julie Greenwald, Tina Davis, Mona Scott-Young & Wendy Goldstein she crafted her career to one day be amongst the elite of the elite.

Starting her first deal, she landed Lawrence Franks Jr. aka Huey a major deal with Jive Records. Going on to sell 7 million ringtones on "Pop, Lock & Drop it" co-writer with Huey, Angela is not afraid to fall, she stated " That's how you learn to get back up, challenges make me work much harder, I perform well under pressure while being very aggressive". She also won the 2015 SCM Power Player of The Year Award.

Kstylis "Booty Me Down" ect,, now bringing her label " Tha Nod Factor Records" to the forefront with the hottest songs coming of the midwest with St. Louis, Missouri with artists such as Pop Sensation Eddie Tapia, K$AV, Lando, Femmes Noires En Classique with 5 producers, 2 engineers and 3 videographers.

Producer of Tha Nod factor

Frederick Lee King


Known as King Beatz has been with Tha Nod Factor producing tracks with Miss Angela Richardson for several years. His style is wide range and diverse. He is truly a master of his craft.

Other Producers that are part of Tha Nod Factor Production is: Slim Wheelz, Fizzle Da Empire

Media department

MArk Mauer - Media Director

Experience: 19 years of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. 15 years of Music Video Editing and Directing.

Appointed by Miss Angela Richardson.