Name: James W Bean Jr. | Artist Name: JB Messiah | From: East Saint Louis IL.

JB was part raised in East Saint Louis IL. and grew up in Rockford IL. JB was introduced to music by his uncle Timothy Williams. God gave JB the talent to produce, write and engineer music. In 2006 JB moved back to East Saint Louis IL. to pursue secular music but quickly realized that God wanted him to only use that talent that was given for God’s purpose. What made JB change his content was meeting a man named Willie Moore Jr. formerly known as Pretty Willie. JB was able to fellowship with the popular local singer and during that time Willie transitioned from secular music to gospel and shared a story with JB that God spoke to Willie saying you can do this your way or my way and Willie chose God. That message stuck with JB as he fought with transitioning from secular to gospel and now he is only spreading the word of God through music.

For booking contact Miss Angela Richardson @ ngl.richardson@gmail.com

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